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farm tables

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farm tables

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Folding Leg Mechanism

Folding Leg Mechanism


FT96-Fruitwood/Walnut Finish

FT96 - Fruitwood/Walnut Finish


maple timberwood finish

Timberwood Finish


fruitwood/walnut finish

Fruitwood/Walnut Finish


pecan finish

Pecan Finish


Kestell's Folding Leg Farm Tables

Kestell's folding-leg Farm Tables are perfect for any occasion. The Sur-Loc folding leg mechanism is made exclusively for us by a local manufacturer and provides easy set-up and take-down, with no tools necessary! The legs are securely held in the folded position.

Built to the same high standards as our #210 Series chair, together they provide the look that is so popular with today's event planners.

Our new dual lacquer top coat is moisture-resistant and extremely scratch-resistant with a glass-like feel. The formula was developed for Kestell for hardness and durability.

Available in four sizes and Our New Round Table!

Legs:  2-3/4" square
Materials:  Pine top and apron, Maple legs
Finishes:  Fruitwood/Walnut or Pecan

All farm tables fold to a convenient height of 5¼".
FT60R: 60" diameter 98 lbs.
FT96: 96" x 40"  95 lbs.  

FT72: 72" x 47"  95 lbs.  
FT47: 47" x 47"  65 lbs.  
FT36: 36" x 36" x 42"  58 lbs.  To accommodate longer legs, these do not fold.
Legs are removeable.
B90: 90" x 13.5" x 18" 35 lbs.
Legs are removeable.


FT96: 96" x 40" — NEW Timberwood Finish — 95 lbs.


FT96: 96" x 40" — Fruitwood/Walnut Finish — 95 lbs.


FT96: 96" x 40" — Pecan Finish — 95 lbs.


FT60R: 60" Diameter — 98 lbs.


FT36: 36" x 36" x 42" — 58 lbs.
Newly added to our lineup is our Cocktail Farm Table.
Legs are removable on this model only.


FT72: 72" x 47" — 95 lbs.


FT47: 47" x 47" — 65 lbs.
Customers requested it, and we provided it! Here is our
new, smaller version of the Kestell folding-leg Farm Table. 
It's the perfect size for a bride and groom's table,
guest of honor, or as a gift table.