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Kestell Furniture

Frequently Asked Questions

Kestell Furniture uses Championship billiard fabric — the Invitational series. This is a 19 oz. fabric and is treated with DuPont Teflon fabric protector. Kestell stocks 5 of the most popular colors, but there are other colors in the series, which are available as special order. Kestell poker and game tables are also available with vinyl upholstery.

In many cases, yes, a customer's fabric can be used to upholster a poker table, but the thicker the fabric, the more difficult it is to install. Cloth fabrics are usually lighter-weight and in most cases will install easily. But an expanded vinyl material, for example, is generally too thick to fit into the upholstery groove. The installation of a customer's fabric can be done by you, the customer, or can be done right at our factory for a truly professional result.

To apply a new top to a poker table, click here for instructions. DO NOT disassemble anything before reading these instructions!

Feel free to submit a request through our Contact form for a list of party rental suppliers in your area that carry our products.

When ordering a service top, measure the table from the outside edge, point to point.

  • Keep tables and chairs dry to prevent fading and damage from moisture.
  • Secure tables and chairs during transport to prevent nicks and dings.
  • Store tables and chairs in a dry location.
  • Don’t stack tables and chairs more than 10 high.
  • During transport and storage, use cardboard, moving blankets, or another soft barrier between each table to prevent marring of the finish.
  • Use a mild soap mixed with warm water and a damp cloth for general cleaning.
  • Avoid using circular motions during cleaning to prevent swirl marks.
  • Do not use cleaning products with ammonia or bleach as they can damage the lacquer.